This is free system for all resellers and web site developers forever. You can have a copy built and maintained for you by us to enhance any number of pictures on your web sites - as examples of the system to sell to end users and to develop the enhancements if wanted.

Move your Mouse over this simple non-copyright image and move into one of the coloured boxes and click your mouse when you see some text:

This software produces facilities for a web site owner to display lots more information and help to explain their products or services using the same pictures that they use to sell whatever they are normally promoting.

They can employ ‘hot-spots’ on parts of all or any of their pictures to say whatever they want in addition to the pictures and text saying what they normally say. They can explain things in more detail than before without using any real-estate on the web site, they can add lots more detail and even have complete web sites behind everything they want to say.

They can introduce 'local' artisans – for a fee (say £25 or £50 each per year) that they could charge – who can install or maintain whatever will be purchased. At the same time as earning from others they can also earn from direct introductions to other providers who provide mechanisms (called Affiliate Marketing) to reward others for their introduction - like Amazon for instance.

They can introduce humour or straight information and entertain their customers at the same time as informing them. They can introduce useful commercial services - like the news or spreadsheets or whatever - while supplying all that is essential.

We offer customers a web knowledgeable individual - at our own expense - to create and demonstrate how hot-spots can be used to great effect.

We offer sales people and web site developers the capability to offer their customers 'Move your Mouse' systems and the sales person or developer gets paid a commission of 20% for each one sold at £5,000 plus VAT. Send your customers to Graphic-Links to see another version of this page that does not talk about the commission level earned by you. The complete system for any sales person and for any web site developer is free for life. We also allow you to give to any customer the first system for free, for just one picture and for a limited amount of time, to help convince them of the great capabilities of the system.

Your customers can then buy a complete system forever for £5,000 plus VAT.

We can supply systems to any business - that are already distributing their products and/or services on the Internet with photographs/images. This allows them to provide more opportunities to explain and sell or promote more things using the same pictures. After purchasing the system your customers can change what they say at any time.

We replace any pictures with a detailed display system that allows 'hot-spots' on the replaced but otherwise identical looking picture. These 'hot-spots' allow them to describe the highlighted object or area with more complete details or to add completely independent and arbitrary details as they choose. These details may include an additional photograph and additional description, plus links to a web page that can describe the content with even more multiple photographs and text and then - if needed - links to any number of further pre-existing web sites. These pre-existing web sites could be other systems and facilities owned by others.

There can be dozens of 'hot-spots' on each picture. The extra facilities actually exist on our own server and will be melded seamlessly with the customer's own service supplier through the magic of the Internet.

In addition - your customer can elect to change their actual pictures to other - of different sizes if required - and describe these in the same way and all this for the same initial and annual price. They can have many changing pictures on many pages undergoing the same transformation. The customer can do almost all the maintenance for themselves without anything more than guidance from us.

They must register on our system and login to the control system using that email address – this will email them to confirm their address. The email address is used to access and edit their entries for that web site. Their name also gets linked to yourself as salesperson and associates any further purchases they make with you for commission purposes. Send us the same information for all subsequent picture images.

For each picture the customers must send us their name, their website name, their email address and their actual picture image along with the size of that image in pixels, the name of those images (for later reference) and the name of the person that introduced them (you!) – we will construct their access based on these items.

The change can bring about liberation and propagation of anything that could relate to the picture or to anything desired. The reference web sites contained could also give users access to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace or anything else wanted.

This is ideal for advertising anything where every significant part of a picture can have 'hot-spots' highlighting every item on the image and can contain further photographs and textual descriptions and even more depth and still other web sites giving even more information.

We estimate each salesperson could sell one to four complete system in a day and we will supply direct to each of their customers all their additional needs so you have no support to give.

We will create the system and load the images for editing by your customer and send them the link details they will need to edit the system and show the enhanced images in HTML on their own system.

Each image can be used to have our enhancement system behind it - but each actual picture can be changed to another whenever wanted as well as each having many hot-spots maintained whenever wanted. So this can make interesting and dynamic web sites whatever the subject of the web site.

If you are a web developer or a software supplier you can use the free complete version of system that we will send you to make more examples for your own customers. Try it out, get used to it and see what effects you can create on one or more of your pictures. You can have lots of different pictures so don't feel abashed. You can show your customers on our site rather than your own, if your prefer. We have special pages for you to demonstrate the system for different countries - so enquire if you want to use these.

Enquire with Chris Taylor for further details or phone 07739 259247 in the UK.


Imagine a standard type of photograph of a model showing off her clothes. The system can highlight areas to show off details about her watch, bracelet, handbag, shoes, stockings, hairstyle and hairspray and all this in addtion to the main message for the photograph without distracting from that message. The information about the additions can identify them, give an additional illustrative photograph and detailed text plus have a web page that describes the object in more text and photographs that itself can lead on to full web sites that talk about anything connected. A complete world of detail is available from the one existing image that itself may be part of many pictures (and many display systems). There can be links to YouTube if required that employ the capability of having videos illustrate the point.

You could also do as one of our sales people are doing, who are selling this to customers who run small local businesses who then sell on the concept of advertising an individual's skills to achieve some service. So one of his customers shows photographs of the baths his business sells, that photograph has hot-spots offering the names and details of local plumbers who can install the baths and other things. The business makes small amounts of money each year by selling this facility - but there are lots of products with people willing to pay the business £25 a year (say) to advertise through the site. The business presents better and more useful information and makes regular income by promoting the other local businesses as well - all for only £5,000 plus VAT once.

You could do as another sales person who is concentrating on selling the service to major resellers who then advertise (in the same way as the earlier ones) to promote other major company's own services from whom they earn a commission. He finds these customers by phoning each of the major suppliers - via Skype so inexpensively - and selling on the concept to the major retailers.

You could do as some of sales people do which is concentrate on selling the system to advertising agencies who can reach even more customer's sites than you can and so sell more systems for you. Again - this sales person uses Skype to minimise the costs of his phone calls.

Most sales people use this to impart lots more information about anything their system customer wishes to inform their own customers about.