Users - Aspiring entrepreneurs

Do you want to earn money – even significant £1,000’s - without risk, without investing anything significant other than some time and being able to commit to gambling with truly positive returns? This is ideal for generating cash for any matter that you care for.

We run a scheme that finds those game matches that have differing odds depending more on accidental aspects rather than particulars of the participant’s game history. This all differs every week with every match team and essentially with every bookmaker doing their own calculations and offering odds that suit them.

We do not predict scores – we work instead on the vagaries of the book-makers mathematically and search for opportunities presented by them accidentally.

You will need to open trading accounts with a number of betting establishments which will take you some time but costs you nothing. We will tell you the names and contact details of all that you need. These are necessary to establish your credit worthiness though this will increase by using this methodology. Do not mention using this scheme to the bookmakers as these will become the unwitting source of your future income.

We offer you the prospect to bet on both sides of a popular contest and not lose, in fact usually gain, without cost - by promising to pay us after you win with a proportion of your winnings. We will trust you to pay us else we will not give you the winning prospects another time.

Game matches are generally Won, Drawn, Lost or voided.

Many bookmakers play fair and don’t keep the bets made for void games – so for many you get your stake returned rather than kept. With us you only pay us after you have collected your money and then only one third of your profit, We will charge VAT within the price we charge you so our take will be restricted to 1/3 rd of the gross profit you will make less the VAT element - so currently we will make 26.4% of the profit figure - whereas you will earn 66.67% of the profits we have steered you to.

You could earn £10,000 every week. or even more - this will depend on you betting sufficient amounts to generate this income.

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We will telephone you to give you updates on our progress and talk to you about preparations you can make to begin earning as soon as possible after we get the software ready.

Register your details with us and we will invite you once we are ready for you to join and start betting and always winning.