Investors needed to support Entrepreneur

I need £500,000 investment to re-write the software originally developed by me years ago and use this mathematically to generate the information we will sell to our customers. The software that exists will need to be modified to produce this analysis and differences will occur in the acquisition of manual collection data. Also we will need to acquire new office space and more staff. Previously the system was abandoned quickly because I suffered from a stroke and did not recover enough until now.

For any investment of at least £100,000 or more I will permit each investor to freely bet without limit which we will normally charge the more standard users.

To repay the investor or investors they can freely use the information we will produce to get a return on their investment depending only on the amount they spend each week in betting.

Normally however the income to us from betting is generated using the results of the software system and charging just 1/3rd of the net profits each week.

To limit the possibility being banned by certain bookmakers because of their success then any punter could set himself up as an anonymous company and employ staff to work for him to place bets on his behalf. This would probably result in the individual bettors becoming liable to UK tax.

All the bettors will need identity documentation to prove themselves to the bookmakers (if the bookmaker cares to check them out).

We will give you the address and contact details details of each bookmaker that may be involved.

We can create an environment where standard people can generate multiple £1,000ís of income every week that does not need to be declared for tax purposes and is totally legal.

Phone 07739 259247 to discuss anything you want, especially how to pay us to start off your investment.