Move your Mouse system

The principal software is called 'Move your Mouse', which represents what the user has to do and is encouraged to do.

Every picture on the customer's web site can be 'enhanced' by placing lots of 'hot-spots' on it.

Moving a mouse over each 'hot-spot' causes the system to produce a name, a long text comment and an image that is revealed on the user's screen. Clicking the mouse when the user sees the popup will cause a web-page to be shown.

Each web-page can contain almost anything wanted in terms of text and graphic images plus links to email addresses and external web-sites. The content may relate to something tangible on the original picture or may just be infomative, abstract and interesting.

This web-page and the popup are all created by and maintained by the customer using the software facilities we provide. The external web-sites can be any web-site that the customer owns or wants to give you access to - including any commercial sites.

This can operate on every picture the customer shows on their web-site. So there can be hundreds of hot-spots on each picture and hundreds of separate pictures. The customer can increase his information content offered many hundreds of times.

The customer can modify any of their actual pictures (upon which the system is based) whenever they wish by talking directly with us to effect the change. They can add or change the 'hot-spots' at their own pace and under their own control without reference to us. They can reference any external web-sites as they wish.

The customers can also list individual artisans who can provide services for the products sold on their site they want to recommend and charge these modest sums that can accumulate to a significant payback to the customer. The customers can also reference other commercial sites that will pay the customer a referral fee which can also be a significant source of income for the customer - imagine, for example, recommending books to your customers and getting Amazon to pay you for the referral if those are purchased by your customer.

We sell the system for £5,000 plus VAT in the UK or €6,000 in the EC or $8,000 in the US or elsewhere.

We will allow the salespeople to give the initial version for just one picture for free so that the user can try it for themselves with the full price to be paid afterwards if they decide they like the system. They get the entire version whichever system they use but can only add more pictures once they have paid.

Once the full version is paid for, the salespeople are encouraged to offer the free services of one of our web-coders to initialise some of their web pages.

Move your Mouse system - summary

The software produces facilities for a web site owner to display lots more information and help to explain their products or services using the same pictures that they use to sell whatever they are normally promoting.

They can employ ‘hot-spots’ on parts of all or any of their pictures to say whatever they want in addition to the pictures and text saying what they normally say. They can explain things in more detail than before without occupying any space on the web site, they can add lots more detail and even have complete web sites behind everything they want to say. They can include background information or support information from other web sites, if required.

They can even introduce other artisans – for a fee (say £25 or £50 each per year) that they could charge – who can install or maintain whatever will be purchased. They can introduce humour or straight information and entertain their customers at the same time as informing them. They can introduce useful commercial services - like the news or spreadsheets or whatever - while supplying all that is essential.

The currently available software for this project will be sold at £5,000 plus VAT in the UK (that is €6000 elsewhere in the EC or $8,000 US overseas from here). The commission payable for selling this is 20%, so £1000 or €1200 or $1600 in the US.

Free System and numbers of sales

We also supply a more limited form for free that will handle just one picture for a limited amount of time to be used as a trial for the customer – there is no commission payable for providing this free version. Subsequently the usage costs the full price for a year that the customer can buy direct from us and you will get your commission when and if they buy.

The estimate is that we can achieve between one sale per day up to four sales per day, per salesperson – given that the salesperson will source their customers through the Internet and so can approach any number each day via the Internet. The customers send us their pictures electronically and we send them back these pictures enhanced and able to be edited, relatively quickly. There is no travelling to customers involved and the customers could be sited anywhere in the world.


The customers effect their own creations and content using the tools we provide them automatically and without extra charge. There is no need for the salespeople to be involved further with their customers.

We are expecting at least 1 sale per day per salesperson so that is more than 240 sales per year. Even with 100 salespeople that means we are only looking for 24,000 customers out of the many millions available. There are many suitable companies to find.

The way the system works

The principle of the system is to have any picture on a computer system being displayed under some form of Internet browser and running on any computer.

The web site that can be used has to be constructed using HTML or a close relative so that the owner has access to the code for the pictures in the form of <img src=….because that is to be replaced by a call to Javascript supplied by us.

This picture has a number of ‘hot-spots’ on it that will reveal themselves for the Move your Mouse system by using the client’s own pictures and having a highlight surround where the ‘hot-spots’ are.

When the user moves his mouse (or finger on some systems) over the ‘hot-spot’ then a visible popup appears that contains a name, a text message and an optional photograph.

If the user clicks their mouse when showing the popup then a complete web page – designed using our system but written by the owner - is shown that can contain all the information desired – this can be text and photographs and links to other material like email addresses and external web sites - which can be any content. These external web sites can be the user’s own creations or can be any commercial offerings.

There can be hundreds of ‘hot-spots’ on any picture that can lead to web pages that can have dozens of references to other web sites. So each picture can relate to hundreds of other – related or independent – web sites.

A usual facility provided by HTML allows for a picture to have one small piece of text to explain the content – this compares to the hundreds of small areas of each picture that can show text and an optional additional picture and link to an additional unique web page showing much text, many pictures and many links to alternate web sites.

Each ‘hot-spot’ is indicated by an area of one or more squares on a grid covering the picture that we can allow to be created to be of any size wanted.

The benefits to a company are that they can supply their current customers with a tremendous amount of additional information and assistance and can also sell additional services without distracting from their original messages that they set up their web site to give.

All the ‘hot-spots’ can magnify their messages 100 fold or more.

A site written for salespeople is and the equivalent site written for end-users (or prospective end-users) is

This second site does not mention the commissions payable to the sales staff.

Sales staff and commissions

Sales staff will receive 20% commission, each year, on any sale of this system within one week of receipt of their customers’ payments to us.

Potential customers

If you are introducing a potential customer then you must supply their proper name and title, their company name, their physical address, their contact email address and their telephone number plus any other information you have of them plus your own name so that we can assign that customer to you. The customer must send us their initial picture - with the size in pixels that it will appear on their web site and the name of that picture and the name of their web site along with the price agreed.

At the beginning, or later on, to initiate the agreement with us that customer must then send us payment and pay us by money transfer and include the second of more of their pictures – with the size in pixels that it will appear on their web site and the name of their picture and the name of their web site.

They will be entitled to send us all their pictures off their web site – either all at once or just one a day. They can use as many pictures they want and then change those pictures – by sending them to us like a normal picture by mentioning the name of the picture they want to replace.

We will create the enhanced picture and send that back to the customer for them to create the hot spots wanted and all their initial content that they can change whenever they wish. This content will be contained on the site we send them to that will be a variant of the site that is special for them where they do all the editing.

Whenever they wish they can edit the content of their picture by specifying and selecting its name and add, change or remove content. We include instructions on how to make this content and the picture available on their own site or sites.

Finding customers

Finding potential customers involves looking at the web sites of all possible contenders and deciding if it looks likely that they could make use of the facilities we offer and then contacting the management of that company to make the sale.

Normally you will introduce our example site on for them to see what the system will do.

We could continually change and improve this example and would seek and use your own help in this objective. Alternatively we can create an extra example on its own page just for you.

Free System for you

You – as a potential salesperson - can make use of the system for free for one of your own web sites. You can send us one or more of your own pictures and we will enhance it or them that you can add your content to. There is no end time for your own content – so as long as you are working with us your own enhancements will remain live. You could create the example you want to use for your customers and we will place it on its own web site. You could earn 240 * £1,000 in a year - over £240,000.

You are not employed but receive payment from us but only for results achieved. There is no other consequence of working in an environment supplied to you other than the social pleasure that can be gained. There is no relationship beyond that.

You can read more about the system and see an example on

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